Homeowner Resources

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Section Vision

The Homeowner Resources Section will be a curated collection of content for homeowners to help them receive A BetterHVAC experience in their homes.

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Contractor Directory

A BetterHVAC contractor locator which only lists businesses who’s members have committed to The BetterHVAC Declaration by signing The BetterHVAC Pledge.

This is inspired by the HVAC Installers Who Use Science!” list maintained by The Building Performance Workshop

Homeowner Blog

Curated articles written by BetterHVAC Practitioners to improve the HVAC literacy of homeowners and small business owners.

Community members will be able to promote their HVAC businesses so long as the content is educational and aligned with BetterHVAC principles.

Industry Guides

Homeowners face extreme difficulty when navigating system replacement, electrification, indoor air quality, and rebate programs

Our goal is to establish an unbiased source of truth to guide homeowners on their journey, leveraging best in class technology and up-to-date source materials.

Success Stories

Seeing is believing, so BetterHVAC Contractors will have a chance to highlight their success stories so that homeowners can see what’s possible.

Community Members can document projects they are proud of using a standard format, indexing all of the activities and equipment involved to achieve success.

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