About The BetterHVAC Movement

The BetterHVAC Movement represents a groundbreaking initiative, propelling the residential HVAC industry towards a future of excellence and innovation. It calls upon professionals to rise above current standards and actively shape the industry’s future.

What The BetterHVAC Movement Is Not

No ego, we’re not doing this for social status
No profit, we’re not doing this to make money
No waste, your time will be respected and honored
No competition, this is intended to complement, not hurt any existing efforts

We understand the altruistic nature of this movement may not be for everyone, but we believe these values are required for this moment to be successful.

And it has the side effect of helping us #sleepBetter at night. 

Why Do We Need BetterHVAC?

The Call for Change:
It’s evident that our industry is facing significant challenges. While many of us, including you, have been working tirelessly to make improvements, our efforts have often been parallel yet unorganized. This disjointed approach limits our collective impact. We need a unified, organized effort to truly revolutionize our industry.

In Honor of Your Work:
Your contributions to the HVAC industry are remarkable, yet it’s astonishing how many are still unaware of your incredible work. The #BetterHVAC Movement is not just a call for change; it’s a celebration and amplification of the work you and others are doing. We believe it’s time your efforts receive the recognition and amplification they deserve.

A Centralized Approach with #BetterHVAC:
We propose the #BetterHVAC Movement as the central hub for our collective efforts. This movement isn’t about changing the great work you’re doing; it’s about elevating and amplifying it within a more organized and impactful framework.

Your Role as a Community Leader:
We invite you to join the BetterHVAC Movement as a core community leader. This movement is about individual contributions creating a collective impact. As such, it’s volunteer-driven, with organizations taking a supportive, but not a member role.

Our Collective Goal:
Our aim is to assemble a collective of positive influencers and changemakers, acting as a unified force to transform the residential HVAC industry. We believe your voice and leadership are pivotal in this endeavor.

The Timeline of BetterHVAC

Jan 2021

The Hashtag Was Born

A joint effort between HAVEN IAQ & measureQuick to create high quality, searchable content on social media

Jan 2021
Aug 2021

The First Manifesto

An attempt to capture the essence of the movement (which never made it past draft)

Aug 2021
Nov 2023

The Declaration & Pledge Are Formalized

Volunteers from HAVEN IAQ, measureQuick, Teal Maker & TruTech Tools complete the foundational documents of the community

Nov 2023
Dec 2023

The Seeds Of The Organization

Agreement between volunteers that we will found a non-profit organization to accelerate the movement

Dec 2023
Jan 2024

Recruiting The Leaders & Change Makers

Outreach is performed to recruit early members and community leaders

Jan 2024
Jan 2024


BetterHVAC is introduced at the industry’s biggest annual event in Chicago

Jan 2024
Jan 2024

BetterHVAC @ The HVACR Training Symposium

BetterHVAC is introduced at the most interesting event of the year in Clermont, Florida

Jan 2024
Mar 2024


BetterHVAC is introduced to Canadian Service professionals in Toronto

Mar 2024
May 2024

BetterHVAC Content Drive

We’re looking for volunteers to help us build out our directories of information and content

May 2024

The BetterHVAC Declaration and Pledge

At the core of this movement are the “BetterHVAC Declaration” and “The BetterHVAC Pledge,” which embody our collective values and outline the commitments of its members.

Core Principles Members Abide By

  • Foster Learning and Development (LEARN): Prioritize continuous education and technical advancement in the HVAC field.
  • Commit to Excellence (DO): Strive for the highest quality of work and service in every aspect of the HVAC industry.
  • Champion Change and Transformation (SHARE): Lead the way in embracing innovation, sustainability, and best practices.