The BetterHVAC Movement

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What Is BetterHVAC?

It’s a social hashtag.

It’s a social movement.

It’s social accountability.

It’s a website with useful tools.

It’s a doorway to discover a better way.

Chris Howells

BetterHVAC means prioritizing the importance of the people that we interact with and provide service to. Knowledge, passion, truth and having a desire to help is where it starts. Asking the question “why” will always drive you to learn more about many problems we experience every day in the trade relating to the people, equipment and home.

Brian Feenie

It means the world to me to move the industry forward and help contractors thrive and prosper with technology and business tools in the future.

Thomas Lech

To right size the HVAC system to think of the whole house as a living, breathing entity, and HVAC system is only a small part of it that has a great impact on the well-being of the occupants.. must understand the whole building envelope, and how it affects the HVAC system and air infiltration. Not to sell systems out of a playbook from large companies just for large profit margins not to sell snake oil products.

Pat Finley

Always learning new and best practices in all aspects of the HVACR industry. It means building each other up positively. Promoting the industry and showing off your work.

Mike Reese

I’m making a career change at 35 and the principles defining this movement are what pulled me to this trade. I have been a helper at ICON Heating and Cooling for a little over a year and the owner, Brandon, made it clear that nothing less than your absolute best was acceptable. Bam, decision made. There are still SO many things I have to learn, but being pushed to be my very best and enabled to work at that level has been life changing. To me, BetterHVAC means delivering the highest level of service and quality of work. Improving lives by providing comfort.

Michael McClain

I teach and train HVAC/R students. I teach best practices and troubleshooting. No short cuts. I am trying to remove all the complaints I had as service manager dealing with new technicians and lack of understanding or training.

Amplify Better.

The BetterHVAC Movement represents a groundbreaking initiative, propelling the residential HVAC industry towards a future of excellence and innovation. It calls upon professionals to rise above current standards and actively shape the industry’s future.

Our Vision

To forge a unified community within the HVAC industry, committed to unparalleled professionalism and ongoing advancement.

Our Mission

To empower HVAC professionals through lifelong learning, dedication to excellence, and active participation in industry evolution.

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A few BetterHVAC Champions had the opportunity to discuss BetterHVAC live at the HVACR Training Sympsium.

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We schedule regular virtual meetups, and are building a list of all industry events related to residential HVAC, building science, and home performance.

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