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What Is BetterHVAC?

It’s a social hashtag.

It’s a social movement.

It’s social accountability.

It’s a website with useful tools.

It’s a doorway to discover a better way.

Brandon Bolton

BetterHVAC to me means elevating the customer experience and elevating the perception of the home comfort industry. We do this by providing a consistent, transparent, educational, interactive and no pressure approach to home service. I personally emphasis the “interactive” portion because if they are involved in the process then they are invested as well.

Silas Mentzer

It means running a business where we prioritize comfort, quality, reliability and energy efficiency with very few call backs leading to happy customers.

Dustin Johnson

It’s all about integrity. There is no shortage of money to be made in this trade. We can make informative decisions, educate our customers, and come up with comfortable solutions without shady practices that have plagued our industry as of recently (in my area anyways). Being able to be so connected to so many others with the same goal in mind is industry changing!

Robin Henry

High-performance HVAC systems optimize energy efficiency and comfort, especially when coupled with building envelope upgrades like improved insulation and air sealing. Test-in/test-out procedures assess the impact of these upgrades by measuring energy performance and indoor air quality before and after implementation. This ensures significant energy savings and improved occupant comfort. By collectively implementing better HVAC systems and upgrading building envelopes, we raise the bar for a higher standard of energy efficiency and comfort in buildings, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Dustin Blackstone

Being a part of needed growth and ethical training and business practices.

Amplify Better.

The BetterHVAC Movement represents a groundbreaking initiative, propelling the residential HVAC industry towards a future of excellence and innovation. It calls upon professionals to rise above current standards and actively shape the industry’s future.

Our Vision

To forge a unified community within the HVAC industry, committed to unparalleled professionalism and ongoing advancement.

Our Mission

To empower HVAC professionals through lifelong learning, dedication to excellence, and active participation in industry evolution.

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A few BetterHVAC Champions had the opportunity to discuss BetterHVAC live at the HVACR Training Sympsium.

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We schedule regular virtual meetups, and are building a list of all industry events related to residential HVAC, building science, and home performance.

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