The BetterHVAC Movement

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What Is BetterHVAC?

It’s a social hashtag.

It’s a social movement.

It’s social accountability.

It’s a website with useful tools.

It’s a doorway to discover a better way.

Susan Dunn

It means I do the best job while using the technology available to maintain efficient safe systems.

Bill Spohn, Sr.

BetterHVAC means committing to doing the best work, not always the fastest or easiest way to get a job done, but work of high integrity.

Michael McClain

I teach and train HVAC/R students. I teach best practices and troubleshooting. No short cuts. I am trying to remove all the complaints I had as service manager dealing with new technicians and lack of understanding or training.

Fletcher Otwell

Best practices in the industry have had over a century to be field tested and proven. Technology and education are powerful tools. To me, BetterHVAC means embracing these lessons learned to ensure a stellar experience for humans living indoors, including the professionals that make that future healthy and comfortable.

David Cadena

BetterHVAC begins in the design phase. Many “rules of thumb” are commonplace in our industry and need to be replaced with scientifically proven methods. The Manual J, S, and Design are the foundation for proper HVAC. Combine that with a proper install, and proper maintenance. Now you have an HVAC system that will perform optimally for many years. We as professionals need to constantly be learning and teaching one another.

Dan Wildenhaus

Promoting transparency, integrity, collaboration, and excellence in the HVAC R industry. It’s about continuing to learn and to teach recommended practices and an innovative spirit!

Amplify Better.

The BetterHVAC Movement represents a groundbreaking initiative, propelling the residential HVAC industry towards a future of excellence and innovation. It calls upon professionals to rise above current standards and actively shape the industry’s future.

Our Vision

To forge a unified community within the HVAC industry, committed to unparalleled professionalism and ongoing advancement.

Our Mission

To empower HVAC professionals through lifelong learning, dedication to excellence, and active participation in industry evolution.

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Deep Dive Into BetterHVAC

A few BetterHVAC Champions had the opportunity to discuss BetterHVAC live at the HVACR Training Sympsium.

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