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Recently Signed Champions

  • Derek Shawen

    Doing things right the first time. Diagnosing systems honestly. Being honest and open about the process, whether for repairs or replacement. Educating the homeowner a little bit to give them the knowledge to make the best decision possible, when it comes to repairs/replacement. Being available to answer questions or offer guidance. Keeping up with the

  • John sweigart

    I am always seeking ways to be a better tech I love new information and bouncing things off other people.

  • Michael Adams

    After 20 years of doing HVAC for a paycheck, I’ve moved to commercial and after listening to a few podcasts. I have started training again. And helping out those around me and on social media.

  • dominick parente

    Being above the industry standard

  • Ryan J Mattox

    Sizing systems correctly and installing with honor!

  • Greg the Great Steger

    Better for our customers. Better for our Business’s. Better for the Industry.

  • Ed LaFontaine

    Better living

  • Pete Arkesteyn

    As an trades instructor I hear many stories of great, good, marginal, adequate, crappy, horrendous and everything in between. I see bad practices being handed down from journeyperson to apprentice. I would like to see a trade wide increase in pride of workmanship. I have so much to learn also, and would like that knowledge

  • Silas Mentzer

    It means running a business where we prioritize comfort, quality, reliability and energy efficiency with very few call backs leading to happy customers.

  • Heriberto Beltran

    It means that I am not alone in this world; where greed, dishonesty and bad HVAC practice prevail. It gives me hope.