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Recently Signed Champions

  • Cody Kruies

    Inspiring to become better then you were yesterday and using industry best practices & standards. Not cutting corners and always giving your best effort. Having morals and integrity when it comes to your work and the customers you’re working with/for.

  • Aidan Lucey

    BetterHVAC means always doing the job to the best of your abilities and always looking after your customer, challenging yourself to learn new techniques and staying outside your comfort zone!

  • Tyler Threatte

    Improving and implementing best practices not only on the technical side but the business side as well. This industry deserves so much more and contractors often are out here in their on way. We need to provide a brighter future for the next generation.

  • Jeff Hutton

    Constantly improving proper processes and technique. Never stop learning and improving. Sharing insight rather than keeping it to yourself. Creating a better marketplace and environment for all.

  • Herman Lloyd

    Quality, integrity, educational development, and respect for everyone in our industry.

  • Justin Martin

    #BetterHVAC means taking the time to do the right thing. Taking the time to educate everyone involved from the client all the way to owners of HVAC companies. Learning what I don’t know and asking questions to the people that do. All of the intricacies we do as HVAC professionals add up to the macroscopic

  • Dustin Johnson

    It’s all about integrity. There is no shortage of money to be made in this trade. We can make informative decisions, educate our customers, and come up with comfortable solutions without shady practices that have plagued our industry as of recently (in my area anyways). Being able to be so connected to so many others

  • Kyle Ricciardi

    Always looking to improve. Being open minded to the idea there are always better practices that can provide more value to ourselves and others. To share with positivity and kindness about how we can grow together as a community committed to better HVAC.

  • Dan Bandimere

    For 25 years I have preached from a soap box the importance of common-sense, practical application of building science to residential structures by “right-sizing” via a Manual J. Falling on deaf ears for the most part, most builders want the cheapest, force the HVAC contractors to fight over low bid and refuse to allow their

  • Jeff Waymire-Crone

    Rule of thumb is dead! Continually adapting to new technologies, new methods and skipping the shortcuts.