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Recently Signed Champions

  • Brian Faulds

    This is a commitment to doing what’s right for everyone. Maintaining an honest and ethical interaction to bring the respect we deserve back to the industry and helping everyone achieve measurable, effective and practical results through proven methods

  • Clifton Beck

    The BetterHVAC Movement is not merely an organization; it is a revolutionary force propelling our industry towards a future defined by excellence and innovation. It beckons professionals like myself to transcend existing norms, to elevate our standards, and to actively contribute to shaping the future landscape of the HVACR industry. In aligning with The BetterHVAC

  • Jim Bergmann

    Education is the key to moving the industry forward. We desperately need more training for those with 5 to 50 years of experience. The industry is not stagnant and nor should be the technicians that work in it. We need to fix that and embrace a mentality of lifelong learning.

  • Kevin R. Hart

    I hold so much optimism for the HVAC industry, there are many great people trying to fill critical gaps in training, education, and innovation. While the industry is not where it needs to be, I see BetterHVAC being the central place where all of the great efforts and individuals in this industry can come together

  • Bill Spohn, Sr.

    BetterHVAC means committing to doing the best work, not always the fastest or easiest way to get a job done, but work of high integrity.

  • Ben Reed

    I am passionate about improving the residential HVAC Industry through technology, community, and content.