LIVE From the ACCA Conference 2024

Author: Bryan Orr
Original Air Date: May 2, 2024
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This episode was recorded live on location at the 2024 ACCA conference in Orlando. Bryan starts by interviewing Marissa, a co-founder of Conduit Tech, a software company providing load calculation and sales tools for HVAC contractors.

Marissa shares insights into what it takes for contractors to successfully adopt new technology in their businesses. She emphasizes the importance of having support at multiple levels of the company, a willingness to thoroughly learn the new software, and providing feedback to the developers. Marissa stresses that Conduit actively seeks input from contractors to continue improving their product’s workflow integration. Learn more about Conduit Tech at

In the second segment, Bryan talks to Martin Hoover, the incoming chair of ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America). Martin discusses the value ACCA provides through training, advocacy, and facilitating peer group interactions. He highlights how ACCA conferences allow contractors to learn from industry leaders and gain valuable perspectives in the hallways between sessions.

The episode covers a range of topics relevant to HVAC contractors, including:

  • Adopting new technology and providing productive feedback to software developers
  • Assessing whether a new product will truly transform your workflow based on customer testimonials
  • The benefits of joining ACCA, such as training, advocacy, and peer networking opportunities
  • Challenges facing the industry, like labor shortages and rising costs
  • The importance of understanding your financials and pricing for future costs
  • Preparing for the transition to A2L refrigerants and associated changes

Whether you’re a contractor looking to improve your business or a technician striving for success, this episode offers valuable insights from industry experts on leveraging resources, adopting new tools, and positioning yourself for the future of HVAC.


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